5 Bad Haircare Habits To Get Rid Of To Avoid Hair Frizz!

By MangoBaaz Studio | 17 Jun, 2022


Does the thought of summers make you think twice about the beachy hangouts and flowy dresses because the frizzy hair will kill all the summer vibes? We understand! But, when it comes to summers and frizzy hair, there are some hair care mistakes that you might be making, which are coming in your way of bidding goodbye to summer frizz! Let’s find out what those are, and how you can best avoid them.


1. Combing your hair when they are wet

Oh, the urge to comb your hair right after a shower… it’s real! But we would suggest you resist it. Your hair is weak and vulnerable when it’s wet, and combing it then will make your hair break like no other. Also, brushing them when they’re wet can lead to super-frizz when it’s dried up! Stick to combing your hair pre-wash and run your hands through your hair post-wash instead.

2. Overbrushing your hair

If you were told to keep brushing your hair because it increases ‘blood flow’, let us tell you that you have been bluffed! While brushing or combing your hair is the perfect way to distribute oils to your scalp and keep the blood flow going, it is advised to not do it more than 3 times a day. If you overdo it, you are causing friction in your hair, which in turn causes them to become frizzy, damaged, and easily breakable. Instead, take time out to massage your scalp.

3. Towel drying your hair

Something that we are all guilty of doing is towel drying our hair. Did you know that your hair breaks the most when it’s wet, and if you are using a towel cloth to dry it, then chances are you will end up in a toxic relationship with frizzy hair and breakage. It is better to dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt rather than using a damp towel, but there’s nothing like letting your hair dry naturally.

4. Not using the right hair products

If you are someone who doesn’t care about what shampoo is going in their hair, it’s you who is to blame for all the frizz action! Remember, using the right hair products is crucial to keeping your hair frizz-free. And the most important one of all? A moisturizing shampoo. Pick one that suits your hair, especially during the summers when frizz is in the hair, and prepare them to lock moisture. Instead of this, make one step that says “Not using the right hair products” and then go on to explain how it is important to use a moisturizing shampoo. For super frizzy hair, Pantene Goodbye Summer Frizz is the preferred solution that helps lock moisture in your hair and retains it for up to 72 hours.

5. Overuse of styling products

While blow-drying your hair every day can feel ever so comforting and straightening them every day for work might have become a ritual for you, we suggest you give it a break and resort to tying your hair at times. It is always advised to minimize the use of these products and set the temperature to its minimum. Also, always apply a heat protectant before styling your hair.


Cover Image via Pantene

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