This Week's Episode Of ‘Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka' Might Just Have Saved The Show

By Arslan Athar | 16 Jul, 2018

So ‘Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka’ has had its ups and downs, well mostly downs. The show has had its issues and its problems. From a weird divorce type scenario to two brothers who love each a bit too much.

 The show, however, finally picked up a bit this weekend and finally! We had a lot of hopes on this show, and we’re glad this happened. 

Source: IRK Films

Dania’s character finally had a transformation and gained more depth. Previously, we saw Dania as a woman suppressed by the society she found herself in, and also dependent on Zaryab and his ability to fight for her. Because of this, Dania never fought for her happiness and continued to dig a hole for herself, a hole where she only focused on the negatives of her life.

However, this episode she finally got up, and she fought for what is hers. 

At the beginning of the episode, Armaan gets ‘angry’ at Dania over a rishta coming in for Zaryab. She listened to him for a minute and then gets up to give him a piece of her mind. It’s as if she’s taking the burden off her chest. She screams at him and at one time tell him that she’s had enough.

Source: IRK Films

Later in the episode, she visits a lawyer friend of hers. There she learns that her divorce is nowhere near being ‘final’ and also find out what Armaan hasn’t signed the divorce papers he’d given her. With this information, she had the arsenal she had to fight Armaan and demand the happiness she deserves.

In another heated discussion between the couple, Dania brings up their ‘divorce’ and how it’s all bogus. 

She tells Armaan straight up, it’s time to forget Zaryab and focus on their life, rather than on the happiness of another. She uses the fact that Armaan didn’t sign the divorce papers as a ray of hope for their marriage. The couple agrees to give their shaadi another go, however, agree that for a while they still need to sleep in separate rooms.

Source: IRK Films

Also, towards the end of the episode, we are finally introduced to Rucksaar Naz’s (you know, BrownGirlProblems1) character.

Her Urdu is crisp, with a quite a helping of a Punjabi lehja. Even though we only see for 2 minutes in the whole episode, she seems like she’s going to freshen up the landscape of the show and throw things around in the storyline.

Source: IRK Films

This episode basically threw a wrench in the storyline and it was much needed. The show, before this episode, was playing on too many cliches. Hareem Farooq’s character is beginning to take the steering wheel in regards to the story and it’s a welcome change.

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