21 Interesting Things You Need To Know About The Aries In Your Life

By Maliha Khan | 1 Apr, 2019

The babies of the zodiac signs, they are considered the wild child of the group. They want what they want and they make sure it happens. Don’t be afraid to be near Aries, because they are kind at heart even though they come off as crazy and wild. We have summed up what makes an Aries who they truly are.

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1. They are strong and definitely in charge.

Aries have so much strength and courage, which makes them insanely fearless. They are always willing to blindless-ly face new challenges and attempt new experiences. They are for sure the friend that drags you out of bed early in the morning to take a hike.

2. Seedha seedha kaho jo bhe kehna hai.

They don’t like to beat around the bush, just be straight up with them. They prefer honesty versus trying to make them feel better.

3. Pathan hain nahi but  Pathan ka khoon zaroor hai.

Aries are very short-tempered and pretty moody. The last thing you want to do is cross an Aries because you best believe they will come after you with everything that they have.

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4. They think after they speak.

While a Virgo would think a million times before speaking, Aries are basically moun phaat and say whatever comes to mind.

5. Me, myself, and I.

Aries come off as selfish and self-centered not because they think low of others, but they just think super high of themselves. They love themselves and let’s not complain about the self-confidence they have.

6. Life of the party.

You best believe they are the go-to party people. You will always find them in the center of the party dancing the night away on top of a table.

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7. Their energy helps them in all areas of life.

Since they are the youngest in the bunch, they have the energy of toddlers. I mean they need energy when all day long they run around and stay active. Their bedtime activities benefit from this energy as well.

8. Kabhi bore nahi hogay.

You can trust an Aries to keep you entertained and on your toes at all times. You’ll find yourself sleeping soundlessly every night after the long day of activities they make you do with them.

9. Passion runs in their blood.

Once they get their mind made up on something, they pull out all of the stops to get it done. Starting a business, chasing a hobby, meeting a goal, whatever it is leave it to them to get it done. The passion they have for things is often irresistible.

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10. Bossy much?

They come off as bossy, which turns a lot of people off. They are just nature-born leaders, they can’t really help the way they were born.

11. Honesty is the best form of flattery in their eyes.

Can’t hang out after you made plans with an Aries, just be honest. Don’t like what they’re wearing, just be honest. Didn’t think their cupcakes were as bomb as they made them out to be, just be honest. You’ll always be on their good side if you are truly open and honest with them.

12. They always cross the finish line first.

Since they have the characteristics of a leader and they love to be in charge, they are often a few steps ahead of everyone else. They are fast thinkers and even faster doers.

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13. They can hurt like a b*tch.

They are typically good at hiding their feelings, which doesn’t mean they don’t feel at all. They are very in tune with their feelings and if they feel hurt, it can cut them hard. Aries have a hard time understanding feelings because they spend so much time hiding them.

14. Haar cheez note karna unka kaam hai.

They are deep observers and they can often key into what is going on and how to figure out a situation. They are often be found exploring answers and looking at the same situation from different point of views, which is why they are pretty good at extracting the truth.

15. Least favorite date: movies and dinner.

Aries don’t want to sit around and do something that is stationary. They want to get out and do something exciting and fun. Fun fact: partners can often make them more humble and level-headed.

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16. Fiercely independent.

You will never find an Aries asking for help, they want to be solely responsible for their actions and achievements.

17. Weirdly enough they want a partner like themselves who will give them a run for their money.

They are compatible specifically with Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius.

18. All or nothing personality.

Either they are in a 100% or not at all. They don’t have a middle, they are either completely one way or another.

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19. They love surprises.

It’s Aries season get to planning a special day for their birthday, they will absolutely love it.

20. Aries are fighters.

They are the people at the forefront of every war, but only if there is a cause or reason behind the war. They believe in supporting people or causes that matter to them and they will not rest until they are successful in bringing awareness.

21. Flirt is their middle name.

Aries are friendly and often come off as flirty. People often get the wrong message from them, which can work in their sometimes and other times it can get them in some serious trouble.

How true is this about your Aries friends?


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