Here's How The Year 2018 May Treat You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

By Biya Haq | 2 Jan, 2018

It’s 2018 BABY!

It’s time to start off the new year with happy thoughts, good vibes and peace and LOVE. As much as we would all like to know what the new year holds in store for all of us, we can’t, lol. BUT, we thought we’d try and help by giving you a little direction.

Whether you believe in them or not, horoscopes can be very entertaining to read. Who wouldn’t want to know if they were going to meet the love of their lives, get the job of their dreams or travel to a far-off place? RIGHT?



March 21st-April 19th

Aries is always up for a new adventure but 2018 is going to be a year full of challenges. Through most of 2018, you will be going through an emotional transformation. You prefer to live in the moment rather than dwell in the past, so this year may be a tough one. Stay strong Aries!



April 20th-May 21st


Taurus, watch out for an unexpected romance as a friend may become a lover this year. You will spend winter, spring, summer, and the fall season with your new lover. There would be much peace and freedom in the lives of Taurus people this year. You’ll feel much lighter from a physical and mental point of view.



May 22nd-June 21st


This is a going to be a big year for Geminis, so get ready for an epic transformation!  Seize the new opportunities that will be coming your way, because rewards are just around the corner.  However, beware of false promises and responsibilities this year. You can effortlessly juggle multiple things at the same time but make sure you take out time for self-care.



June 22nd-July 22nd


There’s a new level of optimism and positive vibes in store for Cancers in 2018. Your confidence levels will increase and happiness prevails in your life throughout the year. You’ll have several opportunities for growth and your personal expectations will be met.



July 23rd-August 22nd


The past couple of years have been very intense for you, and you have gone through a lot of major life changes. You will be encouraged to step out of the spotlight and build a better home life. You will be able to do more things this year than ever before, but keep in mind your sensitive nature as it might hinder your growth.



August 23rd-September 22nd


The year 2018 will be hectic with tons of activities lined up for Virgos. There will be many tasks that need to start and some that need to be closed. Stay focused on your target and remember to pursue your goals in life, even if they come at a high cost. You may be in for a mental breakdown, take care because life is not always perfect.



September 23rd-October 22nd


Money is on Libra’s mind this year, and there will be lots of it. This year is for YOU, you will no longer be concerned about everyone else’s needs. You are advised to stick to your own group of friends and focus on your ideals in life. Relationships have a new meaning this year, so strengthen your personal relationships.



October 23rd-November 22nd


This might be the luckiest year of all for Scorpios! Expansion, fortune, and abundance – are all cruising across your constellation. The year 2018 will bring serenity and subtleness to Scorpios, there will be fun, laughter and happiness in life like never before. You will have inner peace and a sense of freedom.



November 23rd-December 22nd


For most of 2018, you will be confused between fantasy and reality. You will have a new level of energy that you haven’t had before – the frustrations and troubles you’ve experienced in the past will start to disappear. The future is looking bright and you will have progress in all walks of life – so keep going!



December 23rd-January 20th


Things are getting super real for you Capricorns in 2018.  This year will bring out your hidden talents and resources. You will develop and grow – gaining authority and power in this year. There will be brightness and happiness in life – but difficulties don’t just disappear so remember to stay practical in your professional and personal life this year.



January 21st-February 19th


This is an extremely good year to make big moves in your career, however, you need to make many adjustments and compromises to earn fame in the long run. It’s a good time to fix your relationship with those around you, new relationships need to be handled with extreme caution. You will understand your emotional self much better this year, but remember to be sensitive to the feelings of others.



February 20th-March 20th

New discoveries, adventures, and long-distance travel are coming your way this year, Pisces. You’ll be entering an important phase of your life this year – great for your burning desires and ambitions. You’ll be making radical changes to your lifestyle, career, and personal life. Don’t let your emotions wander freely this year, instead, channel that energy into creativity.


Have any thoughts on our predictions? Excited for this year? So not? It’s okay, just remember that these predictions are for fun and the only person in charge of your attitude is YOU. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Love you.



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