11 Addictive Pakistani Dramas From 2017 You Need To Binge-Watch Before The Year Ends

By Iman Zia | 15 Dec, 2017

2017 has witnessed a plethora of brilliantly scripted dramas, with a dosage of incredibly spectacular acting. While the crown for most famous 2017 drama has undeniably been bestowed upon the riveting ‘Yakeen Ka Safar,’ this wasn’t the only show taking the year by storm. In fact, it’s quite the opposite; there are countless dramas you can fill your void with as we reach the end of 2017, so without further ado ladies and gents, here are 11 incredibly addictive dramas you can indulge in that you might have missed out on.



Starring Iqra Aziz, Bilal Abbas Khan and Shehzad Sheikh, ‘Qurban’ is a touching tale about a girl Heer, who hails from a rich background and falls for a boy from a lower class, Jamal. However, things aren’t all fairytale, and Jamal is subjected to various tribulations in his quest for Heer. It’s a thrilling family drama, and should definitely be on your must-watch list! (It’s around eight episodes in).

Source: ARY Digital



‘Shayyad’ is one of those very, very underrated dramas. It stars the beautiful Sadia Khan as orphan Hani, taken into a wealthy household; the laadla of the house, Saad (Uzair Jaswal) is five years younger and grows fond of her. The music is breathtaking and is very nostalgic, reminding one of an old-school Bollywood film (‘Taal’ comes to our minds). Noman Ejaz is the brooding villain who Hani falls for, and it’s this thrilling love triangle that molds this great ‘Geo’ drama.

Source: HarPal Geo


‘Dar Si Jati Hai Sila’

Abuse serves as the building blocks for this darker drama and is only just unraveling its pressing story before us. Three episodes in, and you find Yumna Zaidi as Sila, the resilient girl with a helpless single mother who is preyed upon continually by Joi (Noman Ejaz). The drama replaced ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’ on Hum Television, and also has the venerated Sakina Samo as one of the main protagonists.

Source: MD Productions



Feroze Khan steals the show has the ruthless antagonist Mir Hadi, who gets away with the most unspeakable crimes, because of political affluence. Sana Jawad is Khaani, a humble girl from a closely knit family who is mourning the unjust murder of her brother by Hir Madi. It’s gotten off to a stellar start, and if you’re a Feroze fan, well this drama is for you! Both stars have given it there all, and awards for acting are due.

Source: 7th Sky Entertainment


‘Sang-e-Mar Mar’

This drama is our picks for best drama of 2017. With Sana Saeed and Noman Ejaz toplining the heart-aching drama about a  conservative Pashtun family, the story gripped the nation for its raw telling of what happens in rural pockets of society. Saifee Hassan serves as both director and cinematographer, and my goodness – this man is truly remarkable.

Source: MD Productions


‘Mujhay Jeenay Doh’

Urdu 1’s next venture after ‘Baaghi’ has Hania Aamir playing the child bride, who is wrongly married off to Gohar Rasheed. The drama also stars Nadia Jamil and Sarmad Khoosat in leads too – watch this for the acting. It’s really brilliant. The drama is also a bit heavy, touching upon issues that plague Pakistan, so if you’re looking for something to hit deep, then this is for you.

Source: Urdu 1


‘O Rungreza’

While Sajal Ali won hearts with her role on ‘Yakeen Ka Safar,’ it’s her contrasting character as Sassi on ‘O Rungreza’ that will sweep you off your feet. You’ll realize just how gifted she is as an actress, and her pairing with Bilal Abbas Khan sets the screen ablaze as you find yourself actively rooting for the two to settle their differences and end up together. While the story fluctuates, these two protagonists keep the entire drama afloat. Irsa Ghazal and Noman Ejaz shine beyond compare too in this heartfelt show.

Source: MD Productions


‘Yeh Raha Dil’

Yumna Zaidi and Ahmed Ali Akbar’s on-screen pairing catapulted this rom-com drama into countless drama aficionados’ hearts. At first glance, the story might seem recycled, however, there is an underlying tone of family problems, and how these flawed, yet lovable characters deal with heartbreak, love, and loss. Yumna is an underrated actress and acts splendidly as Hayat, a girl trying to grow up in an unfortunate string of circumstances.

Source: MD Productions



Samina Peerzada, Javed Sheikh, Sami Khan, Armeena Khan and Bilal Abbas Khan come together as the ensemble cast for this zesty family drama. Haya, (Armeena) grows fond of close companion Faris (Bilal), however, Faris’s elder brother Harib (Sami) is determined to have her. Samina and Javed have their own alluring storyline, and the drama really is the epitome of a great binge-watch.

Source: Idream Entertainment



Mawra Hocane is Sammi, a poor girl whose husband-to-be is brutally killed by her brother in an accidental feud. Her life only succumbs to a whirlwind of hindrances there on then, and the drama converges to her plight from a helpless girl into a mature, young woman. Adnan Siddiqui is Rashid, a quiet and very poor man who is battling his own demons – and truly deserves an Oscar for his role! Also for Ahad Raza Mir fans, you’ll find the man in a very prominent role too!

Source: MD Productions


‘Aisi Hai Tanhai’

‘Asia Hai Tanhai’ marks Nadia Khan’s return to the television screen after almost ten years. The prelude to this drama begins with Sami Khan as Hamza, who falls for Sonya Hussyn’s character Pakeeza. Nadia Khan is Pakeeza’s older sister, Kinza who is herself a divorcee after her fiancé leaves her. Their single mother is a widow, played by the brilliant Saba Hameed, who grows weary of all the obstacles hurled her way; a mature drama for those wanting to indulge in a bundle of a few of our finest actors.

Source: ARY Digital


Have you seen any of these dramas? Are there other 2017 dramas you would recommend?

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