21 Pakistani Snacks Everyone Stocks Up On When Going Abroad

By Biya Haq | 23 Feb, 2018

As Pakistanis, we all know this Facebook post far too well:

And most of the time, again since we are Pakistanis, it’s either because we want clothes, a janamaz or food.

SO, in the spirit of travel season and being Desi, we decided to put together an article on the food items everyone takes from Pakistan, or asks people from Pakistan to bring with them when going abroad.

via deenga

1. Shezan Mango Juice

Source: Punjab Asian Bazaar

2. Slims/Twitch

Source: The Express Tribune


Source: EzyGrocery.In

4. Chilli garlic sauce

Source: TazaMart

Honestly, how else do you expect to eat pizza? With NORMAL ketchup!?

5. Tulsi

Source: Rani’s World Foods

6. Chilli Milli

Source: My Blog

7. Milo

Source: Lazada

8. Dino Munchies

Source: Shughal

9. Cocomo

Source: Indian Grocery Online

(Mujhe bhee do)

10. Kurkure

Source: MBASkool

11. Hajmola candy

Source: Dabur Hajmola Candy

12. Bakarkhaani

Source: Pictame

13. Rusk

Source: Wikipedia

14. Khalifa ki khatai

Source: Asra Says


15. ABC Jelly

Source: Pushkart PH

16. Nimco

Source: Apna Food Tv

17. Paani Puri

Source: Food52.com

18. Tapal/Lipton/Literally every kind of chai

Source: Indian Grocery Online


20. Rooh Afza

Source: Amazon UK

21. Nando’s ka cake

Source: Safire Dreams


There ya have it folks, the starter pack for all Desi’s living abroad. Do you have any other snacks you ask for? Any other foods that you crave? Let us know what you think in the comments section below! Stay hungry. Stay Desi. Love you.

Cover photo source: Punjab Asian Bazaar

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