19 Of The Best Restaurants In Lahore Where You Can Eat Pait Bhar Ke Under 1000 Rupees

By Sinwan Zahid | 7 Feb, 2018

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There are plenty of great eateries and restaurants in Lahore for whenever you want to hang out with friends and family. If you’re someone who wants quality packed into cuisine but at a reasonable price, you’ve come to the right place.

So whenever you feel generous and long for some ‘affordable luxury’ as opposed to very cheap, budget food, head on over to dine at some of these restaurants in Lahore that serve food under Rs. 1000/-:


The Wok

Located in the prime Mall 1, Gulberg area, The Wok is a Chinese food lover’s paradise. You get to put together your meal from a variety of entrees in chicken, beef, and fish with a side of chow mein or rice. There are soups and appetizers and Pina Coladas so you’re well taken care of.

This “bowl-system” really works for groups of people who have varying tastes and normally can’t agree on what to get. So, yay!

Via: The Wok/Facebook

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The Sweet Tooth

As the name suggests, yes there’s dessert involved. However, The Sweet Tooth even has its own share of mind-blowing namkeen dishes! We’d talk about their remarkable chicken and beef burgers, but we’re really here to discuss the cheesy goodness their deep dish pizza is. Layers of marinara, cheese, vegetables and sausage, and more cheese – you’ll be planning your next visit before you’re even done eating. This too, under PKR 1,000.

Via: Sweet Tooth/Facebook

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Mouthful is so underestimated. Their taste, their quality and value for money is incredible, which is why they’re on this list! The restaurant has a variety of under PKR 1,000 options to choose from like tandoori fish tikka, paneer haryali and their beer (non-alcoholic) can chicken! They even have a brunch menu with nihari and their signature omelette’s sure to fill you up really well!

Via: Mouthful/Facebook

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Rina’s Kitchenette

Rina’s has been a household name for many years now. They started out with to-die-for cakes and desserts, and now have successfully transitioned into a to-die-for eatery! With great ambiance, Rina’s Kitchenette delivers fully with its menu too. Buttermilk fried chicken burgers, cheeseburgers, sandwiches, chicken pot pies, three cheese cannelloni and so much more, it’d be a mistake if you turn back from the rush and go elsewhere. Most of these options come below PKR 1,000 even with taxes, so head down to this favorite among restaurants in Lahore.

Via: Rina’s Kitchenette/Instagram

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Outpost BYOB

Outpost BYOB has been a constant in Lahore’s burger scene. Paired with their outdoor setting, their beef and chicken burgers are an absolute treat. You can build your own burger (BYOB :D) the way you want it, whether it’s with melted gouda or mozzarella, pickles, caramelized onions, honey mustard sauce… it’s really up to you. Add some fries or onion rings, get a fresh lime and you’re sorted. All this under PKR 1,000. If you have cash to spare and have an obsession for cheese, you NEED to try their mozzarella sticks that are served piping hot with stringy cheese ready to burst out of the outer breaded layer.

Via: Outpost BYOB/Facebook

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The Brasserie

A new addition to the Mall 1 restaurants in Lahore, the Brasserie is good interior mixed with amazing taste and good value! Almost their entire menu, except for the beef, lamb and seafood entrees, is under PKR 1,000 and includes grilled sandwiches, very juicy burgers, to-die-for pizzas, authentic pasta, and lastly, some pretty impressive salads. Their three cheese chicken with spaghetti is a customer favorite and dare we say has also been compared to a similar dish from Café Aylanto – only more affordable. Pair your chicken with a chilled soft drink. Call for the check, pay within PKR 1,000 and walk away a happy person.

Via: The Brasserie/Facebook



Nando’s does chicken and refills like no other! Get yourself some of that delicious flame grilled Peri Peri quarter chicken with some wedges and a coke and you’ll go home happy! If that isn’t your thing, dive right into the specials and have a huge copper dish of spiced yellow rice, grilled vegetables, and some chicken thighs smothered in Peri Peri sauce – crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. Yes, please!

Via: Liptsiq.com

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Eataly Ristorante

The new restaurant on the block and it’s so good! Have the Aglio e Olio (garlic and olive oil) with truffle oil not because the name sounds sophisticated and all that but also because it is SO GOOD and the truffle oil makes it even better. There are many more items on the menu that won’t break your bank hence sit down outside, order yourself their delectable batter-fried fish and chips and enjoy the busy Main Boulevard strip in the beautiful Lahore winter. Splendida!

Via: Eataly Ristorante/Facebook

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The Pantry By The Polo Lounge

The Pantry has one of the finest and most extensive menus in Lahore. For breakfast, they serve the best yogurt and granola with fruits and nuts – the perfect start to a day. Don’t like granola? Have a freshly baked bagel with cream cheese or some heavenly eggs benedict with turkey bacon and a latte! If you’re not there for breakfast, try one of their pastas, burgers, pizzas and grilled chickens. They all come under PKR 1,000 and some even leave space for a strawberry mojito or sattu (barley) if you want a healthier option!

Via: The Pantry by the Polo Lounge/Facebook

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Café Zouk

Sure Café Zouk is old-school, doesn’t mean it’s stopped being Zouk! It’s every Lahori’s safe-place – if you can’t decide where to go, if all else fails, you know you can always go to Zouk. Sure their menu’s overwhelming, but it also delivers in taste and quality. Be it their creamy ricotta, spinach-filled chicken cannelloni or the special cordon bleu burger stuffed with cheese, there are many options (in pasta, noodles, burgers, sandwiches) in the otherwise expensive menu that are under PKR 1,000 leaving you cash for drinks and/or dessert! So next time you and your S/O can’t decide where to go, go to Café Zouk!

Via: Cafe Zouk/Facebook

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The Hotspot Cafe

Hotspot has been every Lahori’s ice cream parlor for a very, very long time but little do most people know that The Hotspot serves commendable sandwiches, pies, and pasta. Whether you’re looking for a roast chicken melt or a very hot plate of chicken penne pasta with alfredo, they’ve got you covered. Grab yourself pasta and a serving of apple lemonade, all within PKR 1,000. With the taste and quality already exceptional, the movie posters and interior add to the experience and make it a perfect place to eat and chill at!

Via: The Hot Spot Cafe/Facebook

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Delish Pizza Bar

Delish is breath of fresh air when it comes to the pizza scene in Lahore. Sick of the deep pan, oily crusts that most commercial pizza chains serve? No worries. Delish pizzas are thin crust, come with the freshest ingredients from cheese to meats and THEY TASTE AMAZING. Along with pizzas, they have four cheese mac n cheese we can swear by and a classic beef lasagna! For meetha, go for their tiramisu! All within your budget and so, so delish.

Via: Delish Pizza Bar/Facebook

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For all weight-watchers and organic food finders, GreenHouse is where it’s at! Situated in a quiet Phase 4 Commercial Area lane in Defence, the eatery carries calorie-counted meals, beverages, and desserts which taste and look incredible! If you want to get breakfast bowls, burgers, and sandwiches, Korean/Thai food, salads and grilled chicken, even desi food, it’s all available at the GreenHouse – all very affordable and sparing you cash for an energy boosting protein shake, or a karak chai if you’re in the mood!

Via: Greenhouse/Facebook



Qabail unquestionably carries the best in Pushtoon cuisine among many restaurants in Lahore! Their chapli kebabs are incredible – a crisp outer layer but as you bite into them, juicy tomatoes and meat explode inside your mouth and leave a delicious concoction of flavors. Paired with their namkeen chicken karahi (half) and some hot, steamy naan… dine like a maharani or maharaja within budget! If you go in the evenings, chances are you’ll also get to see the famous Attan dance!

Via: Qabail/Facebook

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This small Persian eatery serves authentic and unbelievably good food! It may take some time to develop a liking for the cuisine as first-timers, and that too Lahori. However, if you have a love for Persian cuisine, this is your place to dine, without hurting your wallet! A must-have is their signature lamb kebab-e-koobideh served with saffron rice and Persian lassi known as dogh! If you don’t wanna have lassi, order in their delicious shole zard – a Persian firni with saffron in it. Haye, mujhe bhi chahiye.

Via: Norouz/Facebook

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Café Pomelo

If shopping at Packages Mall ever makes you hungry, please do yourself a favor and don’t go to the food court. Turn around and find your way to Café Pomelo, a hidden gem in the midst of a packed shopping mall. Order yourself cashew nut chicken or spicy Mongolian chicken noodles, a coke because you’ll be thirsty, and treat yourself to some much-deserved indulgence of the tummy. Thank me later!

Via: Cafe Pomelo Packages Mall/Facebook


City Café and Grill

If you want excellent food and value for money, you definitely need to go to City Café and Grill. Not only is their food impeccable in taste and quality, but the ambiance and service are another 5 gold stars! A special recommendation for everyone would be their special burger oozing with cheese, a char-grilled juicy patty, loads of mushrooms and strips of turkey bacon. In addition, their spinach artichoke chicken, cordon bleu chicken, and savory waffles are equally amazing so give them a try too! *drool*

Via: City Cafe & Grill/Facebook

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The Ramen House

Lahore’s one and only ramen place and it’s this! And my, my is it good. Their classic beef shoyu and chicken miso ramen are heavenly and within PKR 1,000! If you’ve got a couple of extra bucks, definitely have the prawn siomai dumplings. Whether you’re a sucker for ramen or have always wanted to try it out, now’s your chance!

Via: The Ramen House/Facebook

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Wings on M.M Alam and Emporium Mall serves some of the best chicken burgers in Lahore. Chicken burgers stop being fun when they’re grilled until dry, but not here. These patties are juicy, the sauces are great and the buns don’t break and fall apart. The meal’s filling and so good. Our favorites are the sweet and chili wings, and the Rock Star burger. Let’s just say writing about Wings without salivating is a tough thing to do!

Via: Wings/Facebook


There is so much these eateries and restaurants in Lahore have to offer, aap bas jaanay walay banain! Let us know about your go-to place in the comments!


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