19 Important Things You MUST Know About The Pisces In Your Life

By Maliha Khan | 2 Mar, 2019

Pisces season has begun and the world is not ready for their rein. They may be low-key and chill, but damn, when a Pisces shows his/her true colors, all hell shall break loose.

Source: astrologyzone.com

No they’re not evil, they’re just one of a kind. Here are 13 things that make them unique from other zodiac signs.

1. Aside from religion and astrology, Pisces can be very spiritual.

You can often find them meditating or doing yoga to find peace within themselves and the world around them. They feel a deeper connection to nature and all things Earthly.

2. They are pretty good at reading people and identifying people’s true intentions.

If you thought you could be fake and act in a manner that is not your true self with a Pisces, you are SO wrong. They are able to quickly read body language and the actions of others.

3. A Pisces individual is always good around people and can pretty much adapt everywhere.

I’m not talking about being able to fall asleep anywhere, I am talking about being comfortable and at ease within any group of people. Literally, they can get along with anyone.

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4. They fall hard and deep.

I am talking like crush, rishta, shaadi faster than you can even say these three words. But hey, they know what they like, so why not make it official?

5. They are some of the most empathetic people out there.

No one is more supportive and comforting in times of need like a Pisces is.

6. Creativity and originality run in their blood.

They are naturally really good writers, artists, musicians – basically, anything that requires creativity. If you’re a Pisces, please check out our career opportunity page, please and thank you.

(Even if you’re not, check out karlo)

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7. Indecisive is their middle name.

Yeh toh hadh kar deytay hai. Friends and family around them often get frustrated with the fact that they can never make up their minds. Try giving them fewer options, that might be a better way to work with them.

8. You can’t really put them in one single “box”.

Like I said before, they are pretty unique. Along with being unique, they are mysterious and they seem intriguing to others. They don’t fit a certain type of look or person, they are their own person.

9. They may not come off as the romantic type, but you are so wrong.

PDA isn’t their thing, but you best believe they are old-school romantics. They love the idea of love.

Source: vedicastrozone.com

10. Good or bad, they feel it all.

They are so emotionally attached and tend to live life by their emotions. Happiness or sadness, they dive in so deep, it can be super hard to get them out of their own feelings.

11. They dig deeper than the surface.

Rather than getting to know a person at face-value, they make it their mission to really get to know them from the inside. They are so accustomed to this practice, that they require others to act in the same manner.

12. They have a lot of love to give to the world.

They are such kind and caring creatures and they are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Source: astrostyle.com

13. Good energy and positive thinking are two things they are great at.

Leave it to a Pisces to make your day better!

14. Small talk just doesn’t cut it for them.

They cannot stand conversations around the weather. They crave meaningful conversations that last for hours on end.

15. They dream slightly more than the average person.

You can often find them looking into the distance, creating a world of their own in their heads. They can usually benefit from a grounded partner.

Source: tarot.com

16. Between extroversion and introversion, they lean towards the latter.

You can always count on them to want to stay in and watch movies on a Friday night. A sappy rom-com will put them right where they need to be.

17. The world can be a draining place for them.

After a long day of being at work or being out running around, they like their alone time. Thora sa time unko akelay mai deydo.

18. Be kind to them – you can easily hurt their feelings.

Take it easy on them, especially their hearts. They tend to take things personally and respond more emotionally than the average person. Treat them well, they deserve it.

Source: queercosmos.com

19. They just want you to be happy.

Nothing makes them more happy than seeing you happy, that is enough for them.

Does this sound like the Pisces in your life? Let us know below.


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