18 Types of People You Will Definitely Meet On Your College Trip

By Arslan Athar | 28 May, 2016

College trips are the highlight of the seemingly unending and torturous summer season in Pakistan. The travelling and getting there is a great experience however what really makes a trip are the people you travel with. You hate them, you love them and you WILL judge them.

So, here’s a list of your potential travelers:


1. Mr/Ms Pack-A-Lot

You would think you packed a whole lot, but once you see these people’s bags you won’t feel as bad. It seems like they’ve packed for a year and not for a week long trip.

Source: CollegeMagazine


2. The Larakoo

These people will pick a fight with anyone, everywhere. They will scream and shout their way into getting what they want.

Source: Deenga


3. The Annoying Laugher

Out of nowhere, to disturb your peace will come this booming awaaz. It will be annoying, loud and extremely shrill. You’ll hope this person stops laughing so much but no, they apparently LOVE to laugh.

Source: Deenga


4. Head Bitch In Charge

Sab ko ungliyon par nachati hai. Everyone hates her but being the hypocrites that they are, they really want to be her friends, too. Basically, she’s straight out of Mean Girls.

Source: Deenga


5. The Overly Excited One

To be fair, everyone is excited but this person is next level. They never get tired, they’re always pumped and they expect everyone to be at their level of energy.

Via: Tumblr


6. The ‘Store’

This person’s bag is full of all kinds of snacks. Chips, chocolate and all the juices you could ever imagine. If you look hard enough you could uncover a plate of biryani too. There is also a first-aid kit if you need one, a change of clothes and maybe even a Mercedes car.

Source: LoveLace


7. Singers

There are two categories within this. One category includes those who are actually good singers. You’ll hear your favorite song live, nothing could be better. Well, until the bad singer arrives. In one word, NO! Make them stop at any and all costs.

Via: Tumblr


8. ‘Kuch Khelte Hain’ People

Chayn se beth nahin sakte ye log. If there’s silence in the bus, they cannot handle it. They force everyone into a game. Initially it may be fun but down the line you just want to peacefully look out the window and admire the nazaray.

Source: Deenga


9. Quiet Ones

You will always encounter people who don’t really talk too much. You’ll wonder how sad and lonely their life is (wait a second, who are you to judge!). Many people will try to make them talk, but to no avail.

Source: Deenga


10. The Snapchatters

Oh look, a landscape you won’t see in the city, it’s Snapchat time! You’ll be seeing the infamous yellow screen a lot during the trip, as well as hearing a lot of ‘Konsi filter use karo?‘. Queue eye roll.

Source: Deenga


11. Stoners

This is pretty self explanatory. They’re always high and they’re always drowsy.

Via: Tumblr


12. The Models

They’re always ready. Hair, eyeliner and lipstick is always on point. Mirrors are on hand 24/7 and so are emergency makeup supplies. They don’t care if they are trekking on the Himalayas, harr jaga khubsoorat lagna chahiye.

Source: Deenga


13. The DSLR walay bhai

The models, snapchatters and over the excited ones will try and make this person their best friend whenever the surroundings are ‘upload worthy’. However this poor guy is hardly ever in photos himself.

Via: GIFSoup


14. The Daredevils

They’re always up for an adventure. They’re willing to climb almost anything, from roofs to mountains. They’re like the dudes in those super crazy drink ads.

Via: Tumblr


15. The one who gets sick

There will always be this person who will be sneezing and coughing through the majority of the trip. Keep away, don’t let them take your trip down.

Via: GIFSoup


16. Internet Reliant Awaam

Some people need chai to stay alive, they need a stable internet connection. Seems like no one told them WiFi can be an issue when you travel. Ain’t no status update happening anytime soon.

Source: Deenga


17. Perpetually Disappointed

These people are spoiled rotten. They expect the hotels to be of Pearl Continental Level and the food to be gourmet. When they don’t get what they want, they’ll be super grumpy.

Source: Deenga


18. “Mummy Ki Jaan”

Whenever this person’s phone rings, you know their mom will be on the other end. The worst part is that they have to answer at all costs, whether they be scaling a mountain or crossing a wooden suspension bridge.

Source: Deenga


Love them or hate them, these people will be there and a huge part of your trip. So kick back, enjoy the journey, the places you see and the company.


Cover Image Via: PhotoLUMS

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