This 17-Year-Old American Muslim Girl's Kidnapping And Murder After Leaving A Mosque Has Terrified Her Community

By Sajeer Shaikh | 19 Jun, 2017

A 17-year-old American Muslim girl was assaulted and killed after she left a mosque

The attack on the American Muslim girl, identified as Nabra, took place in Sterling, Virginia, near Washington DC on Sunday. She was identified by the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS.) Her last name is currently being withheld.


Reports suggest that the attack happened after Nabra and her friends were walking outside the mosque. A dispute broke out after they were confronted by a motorist – later identified as Darwin Martinez Torres – who got out of his vehicle and assaulted Nabra. She was reported missing by her friends who tried to escape during the attack. The authorities believe that the attack could be a possible hate crime.

Source: Joshua Roberts/Reuters

Undoubtedly, people were left horrified and took to social media to convey their emotions

 Prayers were sent out

And others were asked to pray for Nabra as well

A certain level of hypocrisy was highlighted

And people were adamant that this was a hate crime

Some highlighted how no place seemed safe anymore

Fathers were worried about their daughters

Overall, people were left shaken

And angry

But were not afraid to say it like it is

The Muslim community has come together to pray for Nabra and seek justice. While there is a sense of terror and fear in everyone’s hearts, the urgency for a sense of unity is more pressing than ever. The community has united and started an online fundraiser for Nabra’s family. In the light of this heartbreaking event, we can only send out a prayer and hope against hope that no such event takes place in the future.


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