17 Types of Colleagues You Find in a Pakistani Office

By Umair Mahmood | 8 Sep, 2015

Every workplace has a unique mix of characters. While some of these people enrich our overall experience at work, others are just a complete pain to deal with. Here are some of the people you may meet at any workplace. See if you can match some of the personalities mentioned here, with your colleagues:

1. The Workaholic

This one is not much for mingling with people, not even for work.  They keep to themselves, usually behind their screen and without any regard for criticism or praise. You sometimes forget they even exists.


2. The Look-Busy-Do-Nothing

The complete opposite of the workaholic, this person does literally nothing but makes the most fuss about “itna saara kaam“. They’ll switch tabs on the computer quicker than a second, once they see the supervisor coming towards their cabin. Everyone wonders why this person is still in the organization.




3. The Tortoise 

Will needlessly delay any work given to him/her due to a lack of motivation toward giving any fucks about the job. All this person looks forward to is their arranged marriage this shaadi season.

Source: Tumblr

Or maybe this person is just plain lazy.

4.The Flash

The expert of the workplace who took the term “specialization” from ECON 100 a little too seriously. This person works more quickly than anyone else in the office. You wonder if they have a “secret weapon” that causes them to be so quick on their feet. You wish you were them.

Source: Giphy

5. The Conscious Dresser

Oh, this guy will come with gel backed hair, a freshly ironed shirt and a pocket square to go with his ensemble. He will also wear dark glasses indoors and cheerfully greet every single person in the office. You, on the other hand, have come to the office in the same jeans as yesterday because you were too groggy to bother with clean clothes so early in the morning.


6. The Stalker

This one is creepy as hell. They sent you a “fraandship” request the very first day they met you and do not miss inquiring as to why it hasn’t been accepted yet. Some people can never take a hint.

Source: Funnycutegifs

They can also be found creepily staring at you at odd hours of the work day.

7. The Magician

This one is sitting in their chair one second and disappears the next. You wonder whether they actually studied the Defense Against The Dark Arts class from Professor Snape to have learnt the art of swiftly, and very discreetly, vanishing into thin air as soon as work was required of them.

Source: Tumblr

Usually found on a “smoke break”.

8. The Sarrial

Life is so hard for them that they have forgotten to laugh, at all. Also, they can’t talk to anyone without being rude. This person gets jealous when others are praised instead of them and will always butt in where not needed.

Source: Tumblr

And then make a sarrial comment, ruining everyone’s mood.

9. The Tattler

This one will point out mistakes at any opportunity they get, especially when the boss is around. This person is also the snitch and is hated by everyone in the office but you still suck up to them because they’e the boss’ poodle.


10. The Deflector

This person is a pro at ensuring that they never have to share the burden of more than the bare minimum required of them. They will come up with excuses as to why certain work can’t be done and will manipulate you into helping them i.e. do it for them.

Source: Tumblr

You don’t really hate them, though. Unless they make you stay till 9pm.

11. The Idea Thief

This person eavesdrops while you talk to each other so that they can steal what you discussed with your colleague five minutes ago and present as their own in the meeting. They are not that creative so they have to resort to these strategies to survive in the workplace.

Source: Tumblr

12. The A**hole

The work is too much for them and they feel like shouting and expressing their anger at everyone around them. You shouldn’t have to take their shit but the things you do for money… sigh.

Source: Tumblr

13. The Sifarishi

Their personal cache of contacts were enough to land them this job. Who cares about the rules when you have got a strong sifarish. Right?



14. The Overqualified One

This one once had a dream. They were also impressed by Martin Luther King. They wanted to do so much but weren’t able to identify the right opportunities, maybe they didn’t have a good sifarish. Depressed, they had to settle for a job their skills set is clearly much more qualified for.

Source: Giphy

15. The I’m-Going-Abroad-After-Some-Years-Of-Experience

Pakistan has disappointed this person in every single way. During their undergraduate program, they were told that the market for their chosen major would be so big that they would be Richie Rich in no time. They want to gain experience here so they can explore the market abroad where tales of endless exciting opportunities is music to their ears.

Source: Tumblr


16. The Sleepy Head

Be it 10 am or 2.30pm looks like they are always ready to curl up and get their snooze on.


The post lunch time is especially torturous on these poor souls.


17. The Jolly One

The shining beacon of the workplace, and your life! While everyone’s stressed with work this person ensures that the workplace does not remain a workplace, but a happy place. This person is a much needed light in your otherwise bleak, and might we add, dreary, work day.

Source: Tumblr


Whether you like any of these people or not, you have to keep a working relationship with all of them as these are your colleagues you would have to deal with at numerous occasions in your life. Do you know of any other workplace characters that we missed?

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