17 of the Most Crucial Tips From Umar Akmal To Make You a Selfie King

By Haadia Paracha | 5 Feb, 2016

Umar Akmal’s selfie game is over 7000.  He’s managed to show us that once his career in cricket ends, modeling would be his natural rite of passage. We’ve decided to take a leaf out of his diary to give you delightful tips on how to make your selfies look as good as Umar Akmal’s.


1. Make sure you look straight in the camera and INTO THE PERSON’S SOUL

2. It doesn’t matter if the child looks visibly disturbed as long as you use a baby as a prop, YOU’RE SET.

3. Accessorize yourself with Beats by Dr. Dre even if you’re talking about a visibly traumatic experience.


4. Make sure you feature bae in one of your posts.


5. Always dress to kill. Kill other peoples’ EYES. Literally dying RN.


6. Make sure you add a message for public safety as your caption every once in a while.

Don’t pay attention to the double chin, you’re the king


7. Look away from the camera on purpose to show people you have a sensitive side. 

And again…



8. Earn extra street cred by thuggin’ all over the frame.


9. Take awkward selfies and OWN ‘EM.


Damn, dat hairstyle tho.


10. Invest your time, energy and expertise in heavy post-production.


11. Play dress-up.


12. While you look extra dapper, make sure your surroundings aren’t too shabby.


13. Experiment with your look.


14. Embrace the diva inside you.


15. Definitely use a peace sign because…world peace is the rage right now.


16. This one’s an absolute must. We have no words…


17. Zindagi ne diye barray dhokay. Kheir hay, it’s okay.


If you liked Mr. Akmal’s amazing selfies, you will also enjoy those taken by our other selfie king, TV anchor Javed Chaudhry.

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