15 Things You Can Relate To If You Have A Tiny Bladder

By Sarah Babar | 26 Feb, 2017

1. Road trips are hell

All the sitting for hours makes your life turn into a living hell. You’ve mastered all the positions in which your legs can squeeze together to help you hold it in.

Source: deenga.com

2. You’ll always choose the aisle seat

Because you’re a nice person, too, na. You don’t want to bug the person sitting next to you every 15 minutes to get up and go wee. And also you’re sick of people always asking you to calm down when you’re making a fuss about needing to ‘go’.

Source: deenga.com

3. Daewoo is your worst enemy

Because ek tau Daewoo mein bathroom nai hain.

Doosra jurr ker logoun ke saath beithna parta hai.

Teesra ke jin service stations per woh ruktey hain, un ke bathrooms istemaal kerne waley nai hotey.

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4. God forbid, you drink alcohol

Tub tau beta aap gaye.

Source: deenga.com

5. Can’t drink anything before long periods of sitting

You need to know when you’re leaving so you can stop consuming fluids an hour before and go to the loo one last time before leaving

Source: deenga.com

6. Speaking of periods…

Ugh. Worst. Time. Ever. Just no. Ew.

Source: deenga.com

7. You choose places based on how clean their bathrooms are

And you’ve recce-ed every restaurant, office, and mall’s bathrooms, and then decide where to go

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8. You’ve actually used a disgusting public bathroom or two

It was that one time when you were coming home and your car broke down somewhere far away and there was no McDonald’s in sight. You still cringe when you think about how the seat of the throne made contact with your skin and it was already wet and, to this day, you’re not certain that was water…

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9. You can always pre-empt your wee

You know when it’s building up. You know the whole pathway. You know you’re in trouble.

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10. Or maybe you’re the complete opposite

Ayehaye, you’re one of those people who can never tell it’s building up and then the pressure comes all at once.

Source deenga.com

11. You’ve contemplated using adult diapers

We all have. You’re not alone. Sigh, just the convenience. Just imagine…jub khushk ho ga tub hi tau khush ho ga.

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12. Sometimes you hate your life

Because you’re sick of always having to excuse yourself. You’ve missed important goals, announcements, fire alarms, movie scenes, etc…

Source: deenga.com

13. And you lash out when the person who took an hour in the bathroom finally comes out

Because they don’t realise, while they’re playing their silly games, in the bathroom, that there might be someone outside who’s going through the worst 2149723940194821840849048320432 seconds of their lives (or however long you had to really wait).

Source: deenga.com

14. People think you’re dancing when really you’re trying to control your wee

Source: deenga.com

15. There’s no better feeling in the world than when you finally let go

Source: deenga.com

All in all, there are days when you’ve wanted to put your bladder out, others when you’ve contemplated not drinking water ever again, and still others where you’ve thought of inventions that could turn your office chair into a chamber pot at the touch of a button. But it’s okay. Hang in there. Sub theek ho jaye ga.

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