15 Things Only Single People in Pakistan Will Understand

By MangoBaaz Studio | 20 Feb, 2017

Being single in the world of Hollywood/Bollywood romantic comedies and heer ranjhas in every gali muhalla isn’t easy. We’re a nation of hopeless romantics and proud of it. Talk about Ghalib’s poetry or a touch of romance in every television drama, Pakistanis sure love themselves some of that dil lagi. So what does one do when you don’t have that special someone to give you warm hugs or some chocolate covered strawberries? Mmmm, chocolate covered strawberries…

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(Sorry, I digress)

Anyways back to what I was saying…there comes an age when everyone around you is getting together with someone and you’re like, yaar aakhir mein hee akela kyun hoon?

Whether it’s by luck or design, here are a few things only single people will understand:

1. Checking yourself in the mirror and going like…damn, who’s that stud muffin?

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Because you can’t depend on someone else to appreciate the gift that you are to the world.


2. Sleeping in your bed like a prince or princess.

You have the whole bed to yourself and you sleep like a baby. No ruffling, no sharing blankets and definitely no suffocation by cuddling, even if you desire death by cuddles.


3. Not compromising on the said sleep by late night calls and questions like:

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– Whatsapp pay online ho, kis say baatein ker rahay ho?
– Line busy aarahi thi, itna lamba phone kiska tha?
– Good morning ka message kyun nehi kiya subah?
– Why have you changed?
– What are you thinking?
Hum dono ka future kya hai?


4. Not having to deal with just very creepy nicknames.

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Jaanu? No, thanks.


5. Third wheeling with your couple friends is a norm.

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But you hate it when you have to pay for your own food while they always have someone else to depend on.


6. You give the best advice ever, despite being, you know…single and stuff.

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7. You see others getting chocolate covered strawberries and flowers on Valentine’s Day and drown your sorrows with a bucketload of fries.

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8. But you wish. Oh, how you wish you could have some of that godly strawberry and chocolate indulgence RIGHT NOW.

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It’s just me, myself and I. Solo ridin’ till I die 🙁


9. When you like someone, you really REALLY like someone.

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10. And you’re absolutely ready to take the PLUNGE.

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Hey baby, will you be my jalebi?


11. Your flirting game is on point. You seriously have no idea why you’re single sometimes.

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“Yaar, but I’m honestly such a CATCH.”

12. Is it because of how unlucky you are or because others just don’t appreciate how good you truly are?

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Maybe they’re actually just okay with settling for mediocrity?

13. Whenever you see PDA, something inside you dies a little.

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If you can’t have it, no one else should.


14. Every time you log in on any social media platform, somebody has gotten engaged, somebody has gotten married, somebody has just had a baby.

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15. And you’re like:

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Long hair, don’t care. (cries)

Here’s a random gif of some chocolate covered strawberries because my single self is craving some.

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