15 Things You Can Relate To If You Have The Most Annoying Neighbors In The World

By Hurmat Riaz | 4 Sep, 2017

Nobody loves their neighbors anymore. Gone are the days when people used to hang out with their neighbors and share their lives with them. Aaj kal unless you’re in love with that hot neighbor of yours, people don’t really care fo their¬†hamsaye. All of this could also be because neighors have become rather annoying, too. Yes, it’s true kay hamsayon ka aap pay haq hota hai but they also need to understand their faraiz.

Here are some nagging things that your neighbor does which make you want ton have a row with them:


1. They ring your bell every single day because they want to borrow something from your home

They send their kids who won’t stop ringing the door bell until you open this and ask this right away.

“Auntie, cheeni hai?”
“Auntie, baraf hai?”

Source: MangoBaaz


2. They know exactly what time you sleep so they can blast music at that precise moment

It feels like they’ve a telepathic connection with your peace time and they also know how to ruin it.

Via: Tumblr


3. Your neighbor auntie will keep eyeing you for potential rishta fixing

A new rishta, every week, brought to you by your hamasai wali auntie.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment


4. Also, the same auntie will keep an eye on your goings and comings

She has an eye on you all the time, that creepy woman.

Via: Tumblr



5. The auntie’s children will steal your WiFi from that one time they were guests at your home and you had to share your password with them

You’re always suspicious that why your internet is not working properly and later you realize that your neighbor is stealing it.

Source: MangoBaaz


6. And if they don’t already have it, they will ask for your WiFi password¬†jaise unkay baap ka internet hai

Courage ho tou aisi!

Source: MangoBaaz


7. Your neighbors will always send you their worst food

You love them for sharing their food but it also puts you under pressure for returning the favor. Not to forget, their food isn’t too awesome anyway.

Source: Brown Girl Problems1 / Facebook


8. And they’ll ALWAYS forget the bartan in which you sent them food

Nope. They’re lost in the black hole that is your neighbor’s house.

Source: Brown Girl Problems 1 / Facebook


9. And then your favorite dish goes to them for six months because, “khaali thori hee dain gen. Uss mein kuch daal k bhaijain gae.”

And you’re there standing, wanting to end this never ending cycle.

Source: Showcase Pictures


10. If you’re someone with a slight friendly nature, they’ll ask you to babysit their kids while auntie¬†jee¬†goes shopping

And there’s even a chance that they might forget that they left their kids at your place.

Source: Pixar/ Walt Disney Pictures


11. They’ll park their car right in front of your gate

And they won’t even park it somewhere else even if you ask them repeatedly to change its spot.

Via: Tumblr


12. If you share a deewaar with them get ready for all kinds of laraiyaan because none of you will be happy with the way the other uses their side of the wall

Source: Chuck Lorre Productions / Warner Bros. Television


13. Exactly when it’s your¬†dopahar kee neend wala time, the kids in your neighborhood will ring your bell because one of them hit the ball into your lawn

Source: Filmwala Pictures


14. Your mom will want to use you as the messenger between the saath wali auntie and herself instead of picking up the damn phone and just calling her

Source: Six Sigma Plus


15. And the most annoying thing about your neighbors: you will fall in love with that eligible child of theirs and tehn get caught by both sets of parents

Haye re love.

Source: Deenga

Do you have a nagging neighbor as well?


Cover image via: veryfilmi.com

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