15 Absolutely Bekaar Misconceptions About Female Drivers In Pakistan That Make Absolutely No Sense

By Kulsoom Inam | 14 Mar, 2018

Female drivers in Pakistan get a bad rep

If anything, female drivers in Pakistan are always stereotyped and joked about in every gathering and every conversation that takes a turn towards driving. The members of the female sex constantly have to make an extra effort to prove that “they CAN drive”.

Here are 15 stereotypes that society has put on female drivers that are utterly misogynistic:


1. Never trust a woman with indicators. If the indicator says left, they will definitely turn right.

Via: Tumblr


2. Where there is an accident, there is always a woman…

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3. Female drivers in Pakistan neither stops for anyone nor give way to any being.

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4. Signals are definitely not made for them.

Source: 20th Century Fox Television


5. And whenever they get into an accident, they start bawling to avoid any blame for coming their way and earn sympathy in the process.

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6. Their multi-tasking has no limits. They will ALWAYS drive and put on make-up without batting an eye

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7. Parallel parking is not their cup of tea.

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8. Keep your distance from cars with female drivers in Pakistan because you won’t even know how but their car will crash into yours within a blink of an eye.

Source: Oriental Films


9. They have more important things to deal with rather than focusing on blaring horns and flashing indicators, such as admiring the neat manicure of their friend in the backseat.

female drivers misconceptions 1
Source: Excel Entertainment


10. Female drivers in Pakistan are simply above the law. Not even a traffic constable dares to stop them, afraid to get accused of sexual harassment.

Female Drivers in Pakistan Bridesmaids
Source: Apatow Productions


11. And when they break a signal or run over someone/something, they simply act as if it is not their fault.

Female Drivers in Pakistan Cher
Source: Paramount Pictures


12. No matter how cautious and protective you are about your car, once you hand it to a woman driver even for a mere five minutes, it will end up with a big fat scratch or a dent if nothing more.

Via: Tumblr


13. It is no easy feat to teach female drivers in Pakistan to drive. You’d rather get a PhD three times…

Source: Oriental Films


14. Traffic rules… Huh?! What are those?

Female Drivers in Pakistan annoyed
Via: Tumblr


15. Texting and driving… No big deal for female drivers in Pakistan

Female Drivers in Pakistan Misconceptions Mahira
Via: Tumblr

For all those, who have faith in these stereotypes, please stop spreading the hate. According to Norway’s Institute of Transport Economics, researchers have concluded that women are, after all, better drivers than men. Sooo *sips tea* BYE!


Who do you think are better drivers: men or women? Let us know in the comments below.



cover image source: mediabites.com

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