15 Reasons Why Young Professionals in Pakistan Are Unemployed

15 Reasons Why Young Professionals in Pakistan Are Unemployed

15 Reasons Why Young Professionals in Pakistan Are Unemployed

Getting a job these days isn’t as easy as people think. There are several reasons why so many people are unemployed, and it’s NOT just the lack of opportunities.

1. The Casual

He always has a “I don’t give a shit” attitude. He’ll go to a job interview in his chappals with a scruffy beard and eat all of the interviewer’s candy.

Source: tumblr

Status: Unhirable


2. The Hopper

This person has hopped more jobs than the number of underpasses in the city. Why work at one organization when you can get a feel of all the handful companies in the country?

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Status: Unhireable


3. The girl who interviews with mama/papa

Pakistan is amongst the few countries where grown women give interviews with their parents. It’s common for the interviewer to be interviewed and threatened by the moms.

Source: buzzfeed

Status: Discussing potential rishtas with mama


4. The Tension Patient

This person hates being at the center stage. The interviewer might feel like a total jerk for putting them in their torture cell.

Source: tumblr

Status: Unhirable


5. The Rockstar

The typical business graduate who hasn’t done anything in life but claims to have conquered the world. It seems like being humble is dying trend.

Source: tumblr

Status: Unhirable


6. The guy who doesn’t believe in using a cologne

May God save people who come close to this gentleman. The presence of his stench can be felt miles away. The interviewee will want to close the job opening after the smelly torture.

Source: tumblr

Status: Possibly thrown out of his own house


7. The Ex-Boss Hater

It’s common knowledge not to shit on your ex boss when you go for an interview. This person feels like it’s their obligation to tell everyone about the asshole.

Source: tumblr

Status: Sending hate texts to ex-boss


8. The Axact Degree Holder

This person has an impressive degree with mind boggling grades and achievements; however, after the interview the interviewer is sure that the candidate is a loyal customer at Axact.

Source: urduwire

Status: Applying for a job at ARY


9. Desperate Sheeda

This person has been looking for a job for quite sometime and is at a point that they has lost all faith in themselves. They will beg and plead to be hired for the position.

Source: Tumblr

Status: Planning suicide


10. The Feminist

She hates on Pakistan’s naturally sexist interviewees. Equal Pay? Unfortunately not many interviewers understand what that means.

Source: tumblr

Status: Planning to kill all male chauvinistic assholes.


11. The Fashionably Late

A 7 pm card on a shaadi invitation means 9pm; however, a 9 am time for an interview does not mean 10am. Unfortunately, this person always wants to make a dhamakedaar entry.

Source: tumblr

Status: Unhirable


12. Miss Meera’s Relative

If you are not good at spoken English, you shouldn’t speak it. This person has no skills and is hoping he/she impresses the interviewee with their broken English.

Status: Unhirable


13. The Lazy Graduate From a Top University

This person went to a good college but didn’t perform well in classes nor did they do any interesting extracurricular activities. No company can match their unrealistic salary expectation.

Source: onsugar 

Status: Changing salary expectations


14. The Butter Machine

This person will do anything to appease the interviewer and get the job. He/she knows that this is the only way they will get the job because that’s all they know how to do.

Source: tumblr

Status: Unhireable


15. You

You are a casual fun loving person who doesn’t know what he/she wants to do in the next five years, but sitting behind a boring desk job certainly isn’t your future (or so you hope).

Source: tumblr

Status: Definitely Unhirable

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