13 Tried And Tested Ways To Approach A Woman In Pakistan

By Sakina Hunaid | 19 Mar, 2017

Okay boys! I know in our part of the world we don’t intermingle much with the opposite sex but jawani waley hormones control bhi tou nahi hotey naaaa! If you really want to approach a woman but aren’t sure how to go about it, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

Here are some tried and tested ways to get a girl. Some of these ways are very old and they have always worked. Proof: They have been the number one choice of Pakistani boyzz!


1. She’s walking on the street and you’re in a car – just keep honking at her until she looks at you

Via: Tumblr


2. If she tries walking faster just drive faster

You might also wanna show off your amazing driving skills by cornering her. Make sure she doesn’t have any place to escape.

Source: REDRUM Films / ARY Films


3. You must also give her some compliments

Girls just love compliments and she would for sure love it when you just randomly shout out what an amazing ass she has.

Source: The Living Picture / YouTube


4. You might also want to show how religious you are by shouting “mashAllah”

Girls prefer khandandi mazhabi larke.

Source: Yash Raj Films


5. If you’re the shy kind and feel uncomfortable shouting a compliment out loud, then just whistle

Whistling is just as good!

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6. You could also be subtle by just giving her that look full of love

The best way to do it is to scan her body from head to toe so she knows how much you admire her. Make sure you look at her for at least 5 minutes so that she gets the message.

Source: The Living Picture / YouTube


7. Found a girl whose photo you like? Send a friend request, RIGHT NOW!

I will tell you a little secret: whenever a girl posts a comment on a page, it is for boys to check her out and send her a friend request.

Via: Deenga


8. Your chances will increase if you also send her a private message

Who doesn’t love an inbox full of messages, haan?

Source: Momina Duraid Productions


9. Some girls like it when guys just ask them out without so much as a hello first

Totally ask her out in your very first message so she knows you’re a no-bullshit guy and will tell it like it is (this kinda reminds me of Trump, no?)

Source: MangoBaaz


10. Other girls might like men who are generous enough to advise and bring them to the right path

Comment on how pretty she is but she should stay covered like a precious pearl. Or just write a sweet friendship poem for her.

Source: The Living Picture / YouTube


11. If you like bold women, then just send over a picture of a certain appendage

Now which girl in her right mind wouldn’t fall head over heels with you after seeing your junk?

Via: Tumblr


12. If none of these work, try writing your numbers on the walls of the city

Pura shehar apne abba jee ka hi samajhye. You will be surprised at the huge amount of calls and messages that you will be receiving.

Source: MangoBaaz


13. One method that never ever fails is: Just go and grab her.

Put her in your car and take her with you. This ALWAYS works!

Source: The Living Picture / YouTube

Congratulations guys, you are now a certified bachi magnet. Go and grab ’em by the p***y.


Also, if you’re still unsure about it. Yes, this was sarcastic. Don’t you dare grab anyone without their consent.



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