13 Thoughts That Definitely Cross Your Mind On A Sunday Night If You Have A Job

By Nai Dulhan | 23 Sep, 2018

Ugh, we all know that feeling when you’re well into your weekend and the realization hits you that OH SHIT!!! KAL MONDAY HAI! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR! UGH! KYA MUSEEBAT HAI!?

These are some of the thoughts that go through our minds on a much dreaded Sunday night.

1. Wait, aaj Saturday nahi hai?

Admit it, you’re in complete denial when it comes to realizing that kal, in fact, Sunday nahi, Monday hai – and yes, AJJ SATURDAY NAHI HAI! Wake up and smell the damn coffee, get over that hang-over, get over your lazy ass and prepare yourself for Monday.

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2. Shit. Aaj Sunday hai! 

Jee, aaj Sunday hai. Your last fun day before evening sets in and you’re filled with dread. Itni jaldi weekend kyun guzr gaya? Abhi toh party shuru hue thee. Why, Why, WHYYYY? Why is Monday a working day? We need Mondays to be off in Naya Pakistan.

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3. I didn’t even get the grocery shopping done and it’s evening: Why am I this person?

Yup, happens to all of us. Monday is on your head and you haven’t even done your grocery shopping for the week. Matlab, no dinner when you come home tomorrow. Matlab you’re eating out tomorrow night. Yay!… But week shuru hotay saath he kharcha. Lakh di lanat.

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4. 8 P.M: Shouldn’t have watched Netflix all day…

Exactly. Agar app apni tashreef utha laytay from the sofa, you could have actually done some work to get a head start before the dreaded work week starts. But noooo… Netflix is more important. Netflix is life – till you realize it’s 12 A.M on a Sunday night. Well, shit.

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5. Do I even need this job?

I mean, you have savings and Ammi said she will give you your hissa from the jaidaad. Do you really need this job? You spend it all on food anyway. OH! You forgot you’re an adult and you have responsibilities and bills to take care of. WTF, how is this fair?

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6. I hate my boss and my co-workers

Ufffffff. Boss ki manhoos shakal aur nakhray, voh bhe pooray 5 din tak dekhnay pareinge. And that damn co-worker with the bad breath who keeps hitting on you. No, I’m not ready for this. I need another day to sit and cringe at these thoughts.

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7. While doing a loaded soota: I know I’ll regret this, but it’s okay.

12 A.M, hanging out with your single, jobless friends, smoking, and living it up – until you realize ke kal kaam pe jana hai kyun ke sootay ke paisay kahan se ayen gai bhai? Yeah, that happens to us as well.

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8. Shit yaar aaj konsy mehmaan aa gai hain?

Don’t you hate it when you’re finally getting your head around the fact that tomorrow is a Monday and your relatives walk in, right in time for dinner. Why does this happen? Why are relatives like this?

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9. Why do I need to pluck my eyebrows/wax/trim my beard?

You’re sulking your way through Sunday evening, thinking about the shit load of work you have to do tomorrow and BAM, there you notice yourself in the mirror, looking like Chewbacca. Shit. Kya log mujhe pehchaan payen gai with the amount of hair I have?

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10. I don’t have anything to wear

You open your closet and a whole tsunami of clothes falls out. Not only do you have to clean all that shit up on a damn Sunday evening, but you also have to deal with the sadness of not finding anything to wear on a Monday so that people don’t figure out that you’re dead from the inside.

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11. I hate being an adult

What the hell, why isn’t life for free? Why do I have to pay my own bills? It’s tough being a strong, independent person. SO UNNECESSARY!

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12. Yaar bus kal se gym

Okay, you said this last week as well and went to the gym exactly once, that too to talk to the trainer that you will be coming to the gym everyday and he better give you individual attention. Well fuck, your false promises to yourself happened, the gym didn’t and here you are again, on a Sunday night, ready to do it all over again.

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13. Aaj jaldi sona hai, pakka promise

Source: UTV

Don’t we all get in bed at 10 P.M because tomorrow is a Monday and well, naukri kerni hai – and then KABOOM, it’s 3 A.M and you’re watching ghost videos on YouTube and peeing your pants, oblivious to the fact that you’re supposed to show your face at the office at exactly 9 A.M, or else you’re fired. Yeah, it happens to us as well.

Is there anything else that runs through your mind on a Sunday night? Let us know in the comments below.


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