13 Things You'll Relate To If You've Ever Fucked Up On Social Media

By Iman Zia | 1 Mar, 2017

Life as someone who has severe butterfingers has really taken a toll on my social life – not that my social life was brimming, it was more primal. If you don’t know what social media butterfingers means, imagine this gif of Rafiki f****** up…online.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures

Suffering from social butterfingers is someone suffering from the case of the clumsinesses online. Life is a fiasco. It’s a hard disease to live with and unfortunately, chances of recovery are slim. If you’re suffering from symptoms of this fatal illness, then here are 13 things you will surely relate to.


1. You’ll be talking to a crush and accidentally WhatsApp call them.

Source: Paramount Pictures


2. It’ll happen on Snapchat too – you’ll be sending snaps and your fingers will slip and you’ll ring them or accidentally replay their Snap…

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3. You’ll take a screenshot of a conversation with someone…and then send it to the same person.

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4. You’ll message the wrong person just because their name is literally either above or below the actual recipient.

Via Deenga


5. You’ll send empty voice notes.

Source: Kripke Enterprises


6. Forget butt dialing, Siri has ruined life with automatically picking out random contacts and calling them for you.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures India


7. Scrolling into the hidden realm of old Instagram posts is a dangerous game…especially when you like a 234509694-week old photo of someone.

Source: Ryan Seacrest Productions


8. …Or when you favorite a 204634574587-old tweet of your potential bae.

Source: Rose Movies


9. Let’s not forget sending the kissing emoji when you actually wanted to send the crying laughing face one.

Source: Fuzzy Door Productions


10. Or how about when you accidentally like a post on Facebook. Social suicide.

Source: Chuck Lorre Productions


11. When you snap the wrong side-bae. Whoops.

Source: The Living Picture / YouTube


12. When you screenshot a Snapchat convo…and forget that notifications are sent.

Source: Apatow Productions


13. You might occasionally send something in the wrong group chat. Soz fam, those nudes aren’t mine (jk, nudes? Astag besharam)

Via Tumblr


So, there you have it. Be careful on the interwebs, kids.


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