13 Struggles You Go Through When You're The Only One Who Makes Plans In Your Group Of Friends

By Biya Haq | 19 Mar, 2018

If you’re the planner in your group of friends, you know there a number of things that you can relate to.

Whether it’s going crazy over people not RSVPing or trying to make everyone happy, the life of a planner can be pretty annoying.

Just to let you know you’re not alone, we thought we would make a list of things that happen when you’re the unofficial official planner of the group.

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1. You are the only one out of your friends to suggest getting together.

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2. You are a PRO at making WhatsApp groups and Facebook events.

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3. You sometimes get made fun of for planning every single detail of every plan.

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4. When people don’t RSVP and show up anyway? NOT OKAY.

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5. There’s always a fine line between annoying people and getting excited about your plans.

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It’s usually hard to tell.

6. Your friends blame you for being annoying and pestering them.

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7. They also blame you for not making any plans.

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What a life.

8. You’re always caught between pleasing everyone involved and getting things done.

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9. It’s the best feeling when a plan works out.

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10. Everyone comes to you for numbers, contacts and other people to help plan parties.

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11. 80% of the time, you want to kill everyone for being SO difficult.

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12. You swear you will NEVER make plans again.

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13. You obviously make plans again.

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Can you relate to any of these? Ever been in this position? Are you ALWAYS in this position? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.


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