13 Painfully Real Things Everyone Who Gets Into A Relationship With Their Best Friend Knows To Be True

By Sajeer Shaikh | 14 May, 2017

When you think about getting into a relationship, there’s always a point where you consider dating your best friend. Even if things have been super platonic, you’ll probably chalk up a mental image, just to see if you can stomach the idea. Many people actually go ahead and date their best friends, too. In some cases, it works out really well. In other cases – not so much. The entire situation could go either way.

Without further ado, let’s dissect this matter bit by bit by looking at the pros and cons of dating your best friend:


1. There’s always a great level of understanding

You’re best friends. You understand each other. You’ve got each other’s mood swings mapped out. You also fully understand in each other’s head space and where you’re both coming from. The establishment of that understanding is great for the relationship.

Source: ARY Films


2. Comfort level bhi kaafi crazy hota hai

Since you’re bffs, you’re both super comfortable – perhaps a lot more than many other couples. That comfort allows you to fully be your uncensored, unfiltered self in a relationship.

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3. All your likes and dislikes are already common knowledge

There’s not a lot of guesswork involved. Some would argue that this takes away from the process of getting to know each other. Others view it as skipping the awkward introductions and getting right into the relationship aspect of dating.

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4. You guys have the whole mutual interests thing mapped out beforehand

You’re able to bond over what you like. You know about which topics you’re not supposed to broach. Both of you have a pretty good understanding of what would fascinate the other.

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5. Conversations are never boring

Being best friends first, you will always know what to talk about. You know how to pique each other’s interest. Even if the conversation isn’t stimulating, just being able to converse with each other about the most obscure things feels pretty great too.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment


6. There’s comfort in silence as well

Even though you guys keep each other entertained, silence is never awkward when it ensues. You’re perfectly comfortable being around each other, even if you have nothing to say.

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7. You always have someone to vent to

Kuch bhi hojaye, you have your partner and best friend to come back to for solace. It’s a pretty great feeling, knowing there’s always someone important to go back to. But more importantly, you’re fortunate enough to have someone who’s used to handling your temperament.

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8. You guys know each other inside out – which could actually go both ways

While it’s great to know each other fully, this could also work against you both. You know everything – the good and the bad. And you never know if people fully have the appetite for the not-so-great bits of your life.

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9. Similarly, knowing each other’s histories could mess things up too

Histories are messy. They’re complicated. While having them out in the open in the interest of full disclosure is great, there’s always a slight (read: huge) chance for it to go all wrong. Especially if any exes are still in the picture as friends.

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10. Any fight you have is a fight with your best friend

Fights are the worst. They’re immensely painful, because you’re at loggerheads with your partner and your best friend, all at the same time.

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11. Things could get really, really nasty during fights

Knowing each other inside out basically means you have shit on each other. Anger and unsavory facts about people’s histories have never been a great combination. Words that could do permanent damage could be exchanged.

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12. It wouldn’t feel right going to someone else to talk about it

No matter what happens, you don’t want to go and discuss your problems with your best friend with someone else. I mean, if you can’t talk to your best friend about something, who do you even go to? Unless you have back-up best friends, of course. But still – doesn’t really feel right.

Source: Goodreads


13. Lastly, if you guys break up, you lose more than just a partner

Best friend break ups are the absolute worst. You lose your partner, sure. But along with that, you lose someone you valued immensely. You lose a chunk of your history. There’s just way too much to lose.

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Undoubtedly, dating, or getting married to, your best friend is tricky business. There are pros and cons to the idea itself. It’s honestly up to you and your best friend to decide what can and cannot be overcome and worked on. If it works out – great. However, if, by any chance, it doesn’t work out – well, life is full of disappointments.

What is your take on the matter? Let us know in the comments.


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