13 Things I Wish I'd Been Told Before Joining My Medical University To Be A Doctor

By Manahil | 30 Mar, 2019

Becoming a doctor or joining the medical field is not a joke. I know that in our society, we’re ushered into being doctors and engineers, but it NEEDS to be a choice you make, because honestly, it’s a lot to deal with. Here’s what I wish I’d been told before joining a medical university:

1. Medicine is not for everyone. If you’re on the fence about it – you should look at things you’re more passionate about.

Medicine isn’t for all of us. If you’re not passionate about it, don’t pursue it. And that goes for every career – real talk.

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2. Although you may be a “topper” in college, there’s a high chance you won’t be in university.

It’s great if you come with the soch that you’ll be a topper in a medical university, but don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t happen. Remember, all your peers are the toppers of their classes as well.

And the syllabus. Oof.

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3. You’ll probably resent non-med students when they complain about their problems.

You’ll start to roll your eyes when non-MBBS students start to complain about their assignments and lack of time for fun. HELLO? We hardly get any time off! The only serious break you’ll get is after your annual exams.

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4. You’ll be surprised to notice you become a little desensitized to death.

Death will, unfortunately, become a normal occurrence during your wards, house job, and the rest of your medical career. You’ll be pretty astonished as to how you develop a thick skin over time.

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5. You will question why you’re doing medicine more than once.

When you’re studying for stages, exams, vivas, and OSPEs, there’s going a familiar voice inside your head that questions if it’s all worth it. If medicine is all that? If you will ever even be a good doctor? Don’t listen to that voice! Push through it.

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6. Caffeine is your best friend.

Do I have to say more? Get a kettle ASAP.

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7. Prepare for the beizati you’ll receive.

MBBS students may seem to be the “crème de la crème” to everyone who’s on the outside – but that’s not the case on the inside. You will receive so much beizati – in both classes and wards. Sometimes, to the point that you may not ever want to attend that specific teachers’ lecture due to the sharam. But don’t worry – it happens to all of us!

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8. Sleep is a luxury.

Sleeping is going to be one of the most precious things to you. Sleeping three or four hours isn’t uncommon in med school so be prepared.

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9. And when you get time – it’ll be messed up.

When you get time to sleep – it’ll resemble a joke. Sometimes it’ll be in the form of power naps of two hours each and sometimes it’ll be in a block right after your day at university because you’ll be desperately trying to make time to study all night. Get ready bachon.

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10. Also, you’ll finally realize why doctors have such shitty handwriting

Time sonay k liye nahi hai bhai, likne ka kaisey hoga?  But seriously! Doctors have many patients to see – and if it means our writing is a little compromised then so be it!

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11. Mistakes happen to the best of us.

Mistakes are common and are a part of the process – learn from them. If you thought doctors don’t make mistakes – think again. Doctors are human beings too.

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12. In medicine, you never stop learning.

Twenty years ago, doctors told patients who suffered from heart attacks to rest and not exercise. But now, doctors urge heart patients to go out and exercise. Medicine is constantly changing. There’s always something to learn.

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13. The friends you make during your MBBS, are your friends forever.

The late nights, shared struggles, joint frustrations at specific teachers are just a few points that will make you realize your MBBS friends are few that know what you’ve been through. Hold them close because they’re keepers.

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But in the end, as much as anyone may warn you, you just gotta take the dive! Good luck and let me know if this helps you in any way.


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