13 Reasons Why Being Single Is Actually Pretty Great

By Sajeer Shaikh | 3 Sep, 2017

While being in a relationship is hyped up a lot, not a lot of focus is given to the fact that it’s actually pretty great to be single. Not to hate on people who are dating (you do you, guys,) but the single life is often depicted as a portrait of misery. This actually isn’t true at all.

So, as a shout-out to all the single people, here’s why it’s actually pretty great to be single:


1. Independence hee independence hoti hai

I mean, other than the fact that you still have your family around, you’re pretty much a free bird. It’s pretty liberating to do things yourself, whenever you want.

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2. You’ve got options to explore

Since you aren’t tied down, you’ve basically got a ton of options that you can look into. Agar mehnat karo toh the possibilities are endless.

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3. You don’t have any added responsibilities

You’re already looking after yourself, your academic/professional progress and your health. Phir family ki bhi responsibility hoti hai. Why pile on any more than you have to, right?

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4. You don’t have anyone who you feel you should be accountable to

You can text whoever you want without feeling guilty. You’re free to go out with whoever you want and you don’t feel the need to report back to someone. You can also be as filtered or unfiltered as you want without there being any consequences in terms of any partner involved.

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5. For women, specifically, you don’t have someone constantly mansplaining things to you

Single women, rejoice. You actually get to have the honor and privilege of being exempt from mandatory, inescapable mansplaining. You don’t know how lucky you are, truly.

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6. You focus more on yourself 

Being single gives you the opportunity to focus entirely on the one person that matters the most – you, yourself. You can pay attention to your every need without having to put someone else first.

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7. You can, and will most likely, put yourself first

Since the only relationship you’re in is probably the one you have with your phone, you have the unique opportunity of actually putting yourself and your needs before the needs of those around you. Can you imagine such a life? Sounds pretty great.

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8. There are no mind games or any unnecessary back and forth when it’s just you

The best part about not being in any stage of a relationship is being able to avoid the unnecessary mind games or the whole process of will-they-won’t-they. It’s a tug of war where no one wins and both parties keep pulling till they’re dead. Save yourself the trouble.

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9. Technically, you don’t have to worry about being lied to or cheated on

Can’t be cheated on if you have no one who’s going to cheat on you. Same with lying. Think about it. That’s some pretty sound logic, if you ask me,

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10. It’s actually pretty empowering

You get your shit done all by yourself. You’re handling all your emotional and literal messes yourself. Moreover, you’re actually being empowered every day without really knowing it.

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11. The only problems you have to deal with are your own

You can prioritize your problems and deal with them all by yourself. Besides, there isn’t the added responsibility of helping solve someone else’s problems as well.

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12. There’s no faltu ki relationship bullshit when you’re single

Jealousy nahi hogi. Fazool ke jhagray nahi hongay. Dil bhi nahi tootay ga. You basically get to avoid all the pointless bullshit that (usually) comes alongside dating.

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13. Overall, it’s just lesser drama, tbh

No relationship matlab no drama. There’s more time for self-reflection and finding yourself instead of focusing on matters that would be detrimental to any kind of personal growth. Being single effectively keeps you out of the greedy clutches of unnecessary drama.

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If you’re living it up being single, pat yourself on the back for being a strong, independent woman/man who doesn’t need a man/woman. Also, let us know why you personally think it’s great to be single in the comments below.


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