13 Reasons Why Friday the 13th Is Actually The Creepiest Day Of The Year

By Kashaf | 13 Oct, 2017

Friday the 13th is a nightmare date, for some.


If you’re scared of the thought of Friday the 13th, you’re not alone

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The fear is called paraskavedekatriaphobia (tongue twister, anyone?) which literally means phobia of the thirteenth of Friday.

Here are some reasons why Friday the 13th is even a thing:


1. Witches turn into black cats on this day

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Beware of witches transforming into black cats. The most popular superstition about this day is crossing a black cat in your path – resulting in bad luck for lyfe.


2. Lightening strikes, even when the weather isn’t that bad

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An unnamed 13-year-old boy was struck by lightning at 13:13pm in Suffolk on Friday 13 August, 2010, according to reports. Firefighters stated that it was very strange that he was 13, and it happened at 13:13 on Friday, 13.


3. Plane crashes are more likely to happen

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Since people are scared of flying, plane tickets are cheaper on Friday the 13th…woohoo!


4. Ships can sink on this date

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Many ships have sunk on Friday the 13th and most boats and ships do not begin voyages on Friday the 13th.  Cruise ships have no deck 13.


5. Cracks appear

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There is a superstition that if you step on a crack, you will break your mother’s back. Avoid cracks unless you hate your mom.


6. Umbrellas become murderers on this day

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It is a superstition that opening an umbrella indoors can lead to a lifetime of bad luck. So keep those umbrellas closed, plz and thanks.


7. If your breaks today… good luck :/

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It was once believed that if you broke a mirror it means seven years of consistent bad luck.


8. Scary movies about this day add to the creepiness

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To make everything worse and scarier, there are movies just about Friday the 13th and all the terrible things that happen on this unlucky day.


9. Famous people died on this day

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Tupac Shakur, the legendary rapper was pronounced dead on Friday 13, 1996 after being shot in Las Vegas. His last words, according to a police man next to him were “fuck you.”


10. A salt spill on this day can mean doom

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Salt is spilled as a warning from angels of evil intentions that loom over you. So in order to reverse this bad luck people throw salt over their left shoulder. There have been reports of an increase in the number of salt spills at diners all across the world on this day.


11. Higher rate of accidents are reported

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It has been reported, that because of the fears and superstitions of Friday the 13th there has been an increase in the number of car accidents that occur on this day throughout the world.


12. Natural disasters are even likelier

Well… all the hurricanes, heatwaves, earthquakes and forest fires around the world don’t mean good news. And they’re all natural disasters.

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A devastating storm in Chittagong, Bangladesh, killed around 300,000 people on Friday 13 November, 1970. Floods and bad weather resulting from this went on to kill almost one million people in the Ganges Delta.


13. If you have dinner with 12 other people you may die

It has been said that if a group of 13 people have dinner at one table on Friday the 13th, one of them will die within a year.

Source: msnbc.com


Soon enough, this Friday the 13th will end, and even the most superstitious among us can rest at ease at least until April 13, 2018.


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