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13 Of The Most Painful Things In Life That Only A Pakistani Can Relate To

13 Of The Most Painful Things In Life That Only A Pakistani Can Relate To

There are certain things in life that are painful for everyone in the world. However, and not to seem conceited, there are only some painful things every PAKISTANI will be completely destroyed by.

Here are 13 of the most painful things every Pakistani in the WORLD can relate to:


1. Maa Ki Chapal.



2. Your phupho giving you a guilt-trip for not inviting her to your friend’s birthday

Because phupho ko harr jagga pohnchna hota hai.


“Itnay dinoun say phone hee nahi aya” hdbcnkwdhbcschbsd.


3. THIS.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures Via: Giphy


4. Papercut.


Okay, this may be everyone, but like, challo.


5. The biggest dokha known to man.



6. Stepping on a lego

Okay yeah global problem, but again, challo.


7.  Calling your darzi only to find out that he messed up your clothes.


Bonus points for when it’s the DAY BEFORE YOUR BEST FRIENDS WEDDING.


8. When your mom PROMISES you there’s going to be biryani at home but you come back to this.




9.  When you were forced to wear a HIDEOUS turtleneck under your new shalwar kameez during wedding season.

Source: The Living Picture Via: YouTube


10. Boys, you know you wanted this haircut,

Source: Yash Raj Films

But it always turned out like this.

Source: MachoHairstyles


11. No Eidi on Bari Eid.




12. When your parent’s friends come over and decide to bring their kids.

Source: Eros



13. When your Maasi switches off the fan in EXTREME garmi for jharoo.


And “forgets” to switch them back on.

What do you think? Have you had to go through any of these horribly uncomfortable moments? It’s okay, you’re not in this alone. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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