We Asked What Your Current Favorite Pakistani Dramas Are, And Here Are Your Top Picks

By Iman Zia | 2 May, 2018

So we asked our beautiful ShowSha followers on Instagram what drama they were currently watching, and we got a bunch of lovely answers! We collected them all and picked out the top ones! So without further ado, here are currently your favorite dramas currently on air!



Zahid Ahmed is the con artist in love with a Maulvi’s daughter. It’s gritty, raw and stars Hania Aamir and Saboor Aly as the female protagonists. Zahid really proves just how spectacular his acting is.

Source: ARY Digital


Bela Pur Ki Dayan

A horror drama, but not your usual conventional masala drama – it’s incredibly well paced, with an incredibly different twist on the usual desi fright you get from most about jinns and dayans‘Bela Pur Ki Dayan’  is directed by veteran Saifee Hassan, the man behind the extraordinary ‘Sang-e-Mar Mar.’

Source: Hum Television Network



This drama is very popular on telly, starring Feroze Khan and Sana Javed about a psychotic narcissist haling from a highly political background who falls in love with a girl, dangerously in love rather.

Source: Geo Entertainment



A heartbreaking tale that’s written by actor Imran Ashraf, about a woman who loses her husband and a man who loses his pregnant wife. It stars the fantastic duo Shahzad Sheikh and Iqra Aziz!

Source: Hum Television Network


Ishq Tamasha

Starring Aiman Khan, Faizan Khawaja, Junaid Khan and Kinza Hashmi ‘Ishq Tamasha’ centers around a mistreated orphan, a single girl looking after her family, and two brothers who are eventually torn apart. It’s riveting, and all four protagonists are fabulous. It’s not as light-hearted as it seems, and is a bit heavy, but a great watch nonetheless.

Source: Hum Television Network



Starring Zahid Ahmed and Yumna Zaidi, ‘Pukaar’ keys in on haveli life, and the aftermath of Yumna marrying into a feudal family. While Zahid is yet to make an appearance, the story is unfolding brilliantly!

Source: Six Sigma Plus


Bay Dardi

Starring Affan Waheed, Aiman Khan and Bushra Ansari, the drama’s kernel is a sufferer of AIDS without knowing how it happened, and how it unfolds and changes his life. It’s heartbreaking, and truly a wonderful drama that is touching upon what is unfortunately considered a taboo in our society.

Source: ARY Digital



With a fabulous ensemble cast, ‘Aangan’ is a family drama unfurled to the very core; it’s all about the realities that we all struggle with not just with each other within the family, but within ourselves.

Source: ARY Digital



Starring Bilal Khan, Iqra Aziz and Zara Noor Abbas, ‘Khamoshi’ tells the tale of a girl struggling to make her own in society’s harshness, and how often you cannot trust even your own. Greed and money are themes throughout, and it’s been on air for a while so definitely binge-watch this one!

Source: Hum Television Network



Starring Minal Khan and Hammad Farooqui, the drama tells the tale of a mother and daughter, and essentially the core is around a newlywed mother who becomes tangled in a web of her role as a wife, and her role as a mother.

Source: Hum Television Network



Thank you to everyone who took time out to answer! And please do leave more dramas in the comments you feel like we’ve missed!

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