11 Places In Karachi Where You Could Go Out On A Date That Are Not Restaurants

By Haddiqua Siddiqui | 13 Feb, 2019

If you are a Karachiite, your dating life is probably all about trying a new restaurant every now and then. If you and your significant other are tired of the conventional dinner date for a special night out, worry no further, we have got you covered.

Here are 11 places in Karachi you can take someone out on a date that are not restaurants:


1. Crabbing at Kemari

Via @waqarfayyaz / Instagram

If your significant other is a seafood fan then book a boat for the two of you and go crabbing, you love birds. The sunset view is to die for.

2. Mohatta Palace

It’s a museum so there’s definitely going to be intellectual stimulation while you also engage in matters of the heart.

Source: museuly.com

3. Rashid’s Unisex Salon


If the two of you are looking for a relaxing spa date then book at any unisex salon this Valentines and feel relaxed together.


4. The Sea Wall

If you are an old school romantic at heart, this is the place for you. The wall is built inside the Farhan Ali Shaheed Park.

via pakwheels.com

Did you know you can get your own set up by the sea? Well, now you do! Lit those candles, play your favorite music and get down on your knees if you are ready to pop the question.


5. Paragliding or boating at Marina Club

via dhakarachi.org

Do you want to sweep your partner off their feet? Then why stay on land? You should definitely take a boat ride or go paragliding with your partner this Valentine’s day. Marina Club offers a variety of packages to choose from so book yours now.


6. Battle Station at the Ocean Mall

via Karacheesy.com

If you two are not the filmy-dating-kinda-people, this is a place for you. Book a slot for just the two of you and battle it off but remember that everything is fair in love and war. Lol.


7. Chunkey Monkey

via identity.com.pk

Is she the crazy-happy-go-lucky types? Take her on an adventure she has never been before. You guys can even book rides for just yourself but you will have to make prior arrangements for that.


8. Rent a Chalet at Golf Club

via DHA Karachi

If you and BAE are looking for some privacy then there is no better place than booking a private chalet. It will be like a mini get away, only add-on is that you will still be in the city, so this might be comparatively easier on the pocket.


9. TDF Ghar

via Express Tribune

If the two of you are into enjoying the heritage architecture then head over to TDF Ghar. The place also offers a scenic view of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s mausoleum from its rooftop where one can sit and relax.


10. The Grid Club

Source: The Grid Club Via Facebook

If you two appreciate art then this might be a place for you guys. Maybe get her one of her favorites as a Valentines present as well.


11. Horse Riding at KRC

via KRC

If she is not a girl next door and likes watching polo, how about you plan something for her at the Karachi Race Club? We can bet, it will get her heart racing real fast for you.

So, where are you going this Valentine’s Day? Share in the comments below.


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