11 Of The Sexiest Scenes From The “Game Of Thrones” Episode Last Night

By Iman Zia | 15 Apr, 2019

After more than a year, ‘Game Of Thrones’ returned for its season finale. The first episode already reads a fresh (and not surprising) 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, and after watching it I can honestly say I am back to my #GOT obsession. While the episode was relatively lighter, we were treated to a basket of highly anticipated reunions, lots of dragon visuals (yay), and while there were relatively no sex scenes – *cue shock and horror* – there were plenty of sexy moments that made this episode a true GOT fan’s delight!


Source: HBO


1. Arya finally reunites with Jon Snow after seven seasons, and it’s about damn time.

The two beautiful siblings finally meet and embrace in a very emotional moment (sobbing uncontrollably). He even asks her if she still has the needle he gave her way back in season one!


2. Jon rides his new lover’s (and blood relative’s) dragon for the first time.

Jon, albeit a bit hesitant, is asked to ride Rhaegal by Daenerys (ironically, the dragon is named after Jon’s biological father, Rhaeger Targaryen). They have a beautiful little ‘A Whole New World’ moment, and Jon even jokes about Daenerys has ruined horses for him.

Source: HBO


3. Arya and Gendry (our potential lovebirds) at long last meet once more.

Gendry tells her she looks good, and she responds with a flirtatious “you too.” Arya even asks Gendry to make her a spear with dragonglass, and when he wistfully calls her “m’ lady,” (remember season two), she says not to call her that – and then he responds again saying “as you wish, m’ lady!” URGHGHGHHGHGHGHGGHGHH SO SEXY!

Source: HBO


4. Oh, and Arya reunites with The Hound!

The Hound, of course, isn’t too keen on seeing Arya, after their last altercation that almost killed him LOL.


5. Sam, (who knew that Jon is actually Aegon Targaryen all this time) finally get’s an oppurtunity to tell Jon HE IS THE HEIR TO THE IRON THRONE Y’ALL.

Sam tells Jon that his real mother is Ned’s sister Lyanna, and his real father is Rhaeger Targaryen, making him Aegon Targaryen aka the legitimate heir to the IRON THRONE!

Source: HBO


6. Jon and Daenerys kiss.

Daenerys is BOSS.

Source: HBO


7. The White Walkers send out a terrifying message.

A few members of the Night Watch search through the Umbers (a Northern family who ally with the Starks) castle, and find objects on the walls – Lord Umber is found dead on the wall and is pinned by nails in a spiral shape – the message is from the Night King!

Source: HBO



Bran aka the ‘Three-Eyed Raven’ basically waited all night for Jaime, who sneakily snuck his way into Winterfell – they last met when Bran caught Jaime doing the nasties with Cersei!

Source: HBO


9. Jon and Daenerys enter Winterfell together like NEWLYWEDS.

Source: HBO


10. Daenerys’ dragons look so sexy, we forgot how sexy they were.


11. Sansa and Tyrion also reunite, much to our pleasure!

Tyrion and Sansa also reunite in Winterfell and talk about how they both survived the wrath of Cersei. They last saw each other at Joffrey’s wedding before she ran away from King’s Landing.


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