11 Mouth Watering Foods You Absolutely Have To Eat At “Karachi Eat” This Weekend

By Iqra Memon | 12 Jan, 2018

Nothing unites us Karachiites better than our love for cricket and food. And NOTHING unites food better than Karachi Eat. Call it the Wonderland of foodies, WillyWonka’s factory of Karachi Eateries, Khana Hall of Fame it all boils down to one big melting pot of the finest foods this city has ever seen.

Soon, thousands of hungry citizens will swarm through the gates of Benazir Bhutto Park in Clifton for a weekend full of food, fun and more food. Here’s a glimpse of unique items from Karachi Eat 2018 that need to be on our Food Bucket List this weekend:


1. Donut Burgers @ 2 Guys 1 Grll

If the name of this joint doesn’t sound raunchy enough, try tantalizing your buds with their uber-scrumptious-one-of-its-kind-action-packed Donut Burger. This perfectly juicy grilled beef patty sandwiched between a smoothly glazed donut, oozing with cheese is a treat for sweet and savory lovers alike.

Source: 2 Guys 1 Grll via Facebook

2. Sweet Seneca @ Teazuro

Let’s be honest, our love for chai is one that cannot be compared to any other, and while doodh-patti may be a great way to quick start your morning, you cannot miss out on the refreshingly light yet energizing cup of Sweet Seneca by Teazuro. This fruity, aromatic green tea with bits of pineapple and peach is the perfect post-meal drink for the occasion.

Source: Teazuro via Facebook

3. Cookie Butter Shake @ D’OH

But, but, I WANT CHURROS! Yes, we all know and ADORE the cinnamon-ey Nutella-filled soft and crunchy goodness of D’OH churros, but there is one item from their drinks menu that is TO-DIE-FOR.

The Cookie Butter Milkshake is, without exaggeration, a piece of heaven. I’m talking unicorns and rainbows dancing in your mouth with every sip of this creamy, rich, delightful shake made with real Biscoff Cookie Butter.

Source: D’OH via Facebook

4. Classic HotBombz @ HotBombz

There is a mashed-potato-mac-&-cheese hybrid ball sorta thing coming to Karachi Eat this year, or so we’ve heard. Legend has it, these balls of ooey-gooey goodness are rolled into Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Crumbs and deep fried to the heart’s content. Let’s hope it’s good as it sounds because this combo is something I’d wait in line for.

Source: HotBombz via Facebook

5. Grilled Australian Long Fed Pastrami and Cheese Sandwich @ Fry Guys

We are well aware that the Fry Guys have been famous for their Deep Fried Chicken in a Waffle Cone but what I am sold for this year is the PASTRAMI! A meat lover’s dream come true, this sandwich is uncomplicated and drama free, just what a no-frills eater needs to admire classic tastes.

Source: goldbely.com

6. Reese’s Samosa @ Awesamosas

LIKE COOKIE BUTTER WASN’T ENOUGH! Awesamosas’ Reese’s Samosa is the epitome of dessert. Peanut Butter and Nutella stuffed inside a samosa is a marriage of two mind-blowing flavors that are hard to not like.

One bite into the salty crunchy shell with a decadent filling of chocolate, hazelnuts, and peanuts is enough to leave you in smiles for the rest of the day (or in allergic rashes, in which case you might want to hold out on the nuts).

Source: Awesamosas via Facebook

7. Halloumi Fries @ Wild Fries

Pomegranate and fried cheese? If that’s not weird enough to catch your attention, try adding mint and tahini to the mix. Wild Fries is bringing to Karachi a taste of Cyprus with their specialty crispy Halloumi fries, and while the combination of these flavors may be strange we are definitely not going to shy away from getting on this exotic food roller coaster.

Source: Wild Fries via Facebook

8. Tacos @ Tacocat

If there is one cuisine Karachi has yet to master, it is Mexican. I have yet to try a perfectly crunchy taco shell, loaded with tender mince, tangy salsa, crunchy lettuce, mild cheddar and smothered with sour cream. Tacocat boasts of bringing ALL that to Karachi eat, AND that’s not all, they have GUAC! Not to forget, they even have a specialty Habanero Sauce to top it all up!

Source: TacoCat via Facebook

9. Sirloin Steak @ Meat the Cheese

The new sensation in town, don’t forget to meat your cheese this weekend with the perfectly grilled sirloin at Meat the Cheese. The scraping of melted cheese from the wheel of Raclette is a sight to cherish for cheese lovers, and one can hardly contain the mouth-watering urge to put your face right under it. For the perfect experience, go for a medium rare temperature on your steak!

Source: Meat the Cheese via Facebook

10. Funnel Cake @ Lady Marmalade

It has come to our attention that the famous funnel cake from Canada’s Wonderland, the twisty-turney western version of a jalebi dusted with generous amounts of confectioner’s sugar, topped with glazed strawberries and a huge dollop of vanilla soft serve, has found its way into Lady Marmalade’s tiny stall at Karachi Eat. If this holds true, we may have a winner dessert item on our bucket list!

Source: garnishandglaze.com

11. Karachi’s Biggest Wing Monster Challenge @ WingItt

WingItt is probably my favorite-ist place for a game night. What’s even better is that they are bringing a Monster Wing Eating Challenge to Karachi! For a chance to win airplane tickets to Dubai, people will devour with utter monstrosity more wings than their minds, hearts, stomachs, tongues and miscellaneous organs can take. While it may be too late to register for it, don’t forget to swing by for your own serving while watching some of the participants tearing up wing after wing.

Source: WingItt via Facebook

Disclaimer: Now would be a good time to stop eating, and preparing yourself for the food coma you are about to fall into this weekend. Bon Appetit!


cover image via talkofthetown.live

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